Thursday, March 3, 2011

how did I miss this?

I am shaking my head wondering, “ how did I miss this?” First of all, I am a huge American Idol fan. There is just something about that show that brings the critic out of me. I love to see the transformation of the “wanna be” sensation from their first audition to the stage. This often includes a head to toe makeover. It starts with Hollywood week and that’s when I first noticed it. There it was, not one or two but three tutu styled short dresses with so many layers of toile under the skirt it fluffs out like a mushroom. Huh? The only accessory needed for this dress is a stage mom, and the little girl that just stands while the others twirl. I have always considered myself fashion forward. I cut my Uggs in half way before they came out with the mini so I just don’t understand where I have been. I do know that the dress should come with instructions for sitting, do you tuck all that stuff under or let it just sit beside you? Ok, maybe that’s where I’ve been ignoring the trends and living in my practical no manual needed jeans.

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