Sunday, May 29, 2011

The table next to you...

So you are looking forward to a date night, just you and your beloved , a quaint dinner for two. Why is it when this scenario actually plays out in your mind you forget about the table next to you? You know the unruly 5 year old that should know better, the ladies night out girls on their second martini and one has that voice that carries. But are you ever prepared for overhearing the young girl asking her date “when have I seen you last” and his reply is “well I have been in jail”. What? Did I just overhear that right? Did my husband hear it? I know that’s what I heard and yes he confirmed it. So now I am sitting next to a criminal and am hanging on to every word. When did jail become so normal? His date didn’t miss a beat. “ Oh, did I know that, please pass the salt.” “isn’t this fish delicious?” As I am planning an escape route for her in my mind, she is inquiring if the wine is chilled. Maybe I am judging, maybe he is a nice former jail patron but in my mind some things should be discussed over the phone and not over seafood.

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