Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Whats your status....

What’s your status?

Can you believe she likes that?

That’s a thumbs-up in my opinion.

Well according to the latest news feed hamburgers were on the menu last night.

I can’t believe my 14 year old is now engaged.

Yes it snowed not just at my house, but even my friend’s house, I saw pictures.

Oh the fabulous world of Facebook friendships. What was once a social site for incoming college students has become an information pipeline for the “I wonder whatever happened to” “lets see what’s happening with” or “ I like “ computer crowd. We make friends by clicking a button foregoing that awkward personal introduction followed by conversation way of the past. Friendship is now easy, we can briefly read about someone’s day and feel connected even involved. I look forward to the newest pictures and updates even if I haven’t personally talked to my friend in years. The fact that I accepted their invitation to friendship or they accepted mine means we are friends. No small talk, no catch up, we just pick up were we left off even if we can’t remember where that was. My friend’s friends are now even my friends. It’s a virtual world of visibility and popularity that appeals to all ages. So thanks Facebook, this is great, right?

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