Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Information highway...

Username, password, huh? I just want to make a comment. I just want to buy those too cute mini Uggs. Why must I log-in or sign-up. Isn’t it suspicious? What do you do with my information on the Information Highway? Certainly my particulars resembles one of those triangular road construction signs blown over by the wind or slippery when wet notices. Why is my email address so important that I must navigate my way through your instructions only to receive that RED, STOP sign of an exclamation point warning me of my infraction? Just so you can sell me insurance to cover my identity theft in case of an accident! I thought I65 south through Williamson County during the five o’clock rush hour was bad. Now I need online support or an opinion forum just to order my shoes. I know your policy is not to share my junk, but it sure makes me feel like I’m riding alone in the HOV lane.

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