Sunday, January 9, 2011

What the?

It’s raining birds and the “bomb is in the mail”! What is happening? Some would have us believe and there is a billboard in Brentwood to remind us, that the end is near. I don’t know, the way I was raised, that day is a big secret to us all. I do know that reading about these events can be unsettling. I mean, why are birds dying in droves? Fireworks, maybe, electric wires, I once had an owl die from landing on our transformer, so perhaps. What makes a person hate so much they would want to kill innocent people? That I can’t reason away because it’s so unreasonable. I guess there are some things in this world we just don’t have answers for. But isn’t that ok, I mean who really wants to know if pro sports on TV are rigged or what in the world Tiger was thinking!

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