Thursday, February 10, 2011

butt injection?

Death by a lethal butt injection? I am thinking what seemingly was a great idea at the time somehow got jaded. Maybe it was the wine, watching J Lo on Idol or just a new pair of jeggings that made 4 Brits fly from England to Philly to get silicone injections in their derrieres and besides they had done it before. Upon pulling up to the Hampton Inn I guess two of the four thought better of a fatback and changed their minds. That proved to be a good decision. After being injected with what police call an unknown substance sadly a twenty- year- old aspiring British actress died hours later. I am now finding out that this is becoming very popular. Talk about being behind the times, I am still learning how to manipulate my flat iron to its full potential. So for me, to get that ”baby’s got back” kind of butt , I’m going the safe route and taking a carb with me on my walk with my shape-ups.

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